SEO documentation

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is at utmost importance for Bytebard. We are supplying your site with latest techniques that help your site to rank higher.

Every site comes with a robots.txt, sitemap, structured data and optimized performance. Additionally you have RSS feed out of the box.

All these are most important when you are trying to take the first spot in search engines, but there's more you can do.

For more information about SEO, please visit Google's SEO starter guide.

Recommendations once the website is published

Verify your robots.txt file - go to {your-domain} and make sure it loads properly. You can also see path to robots.txt in your settings.

Make sure you submit your sitemap to Google Search Console (and Bing Webmaster Tools, and any other search engine you want).

You can find your sitemap in your settings as well. Keep in mind that Bytebard uses index sitemap to reference your sitemap on a CDN server. You can use CDN sitemap directly as well, copying link from your settings.

Once the website is indexed by search engine, you might see some issues. Make sure to fix all of them, and if you think some of them have to be fixed by us, write us a detailed report.

Renaming and moving content does not add auto redirects for following changes:

  • Changing post slug
  • Changing blog domain

It is your responsibility to setup redirects for these changes or notify search engines of the outdated content.

Custom redirects does not support custom redirects, yet. You can use services like Cloudflare to setup custom redirects.