Auto-posting to social media

Auto-posting enables you to immediately share your posts to social media. You can configure it in Settings page of your account.

Connecting the account

Bytebard establishes "default user" of the site by following criteria:

  • first biller account assigned to site OR
  • first account assigned to the site

The default account (just like any other account) has an option to connect different social logins, such as Google, Twitter, etc. As you connect the accounts, you will need to permit sending posts on your behalf.

If you manage few sites, you can change order of users to set the "default user". However, if you only have one Bytebard account, all sites will be auto-posting to the same social media account.

How it works

You will need to confirm which social media accounts should be used for auto-posting. On Settings page, select each account individiually and save the settings. This will enable auto-posting, however if default user unlinks social media account, it will stop working.

Autoposting works from Editor page and from API.

In Editor, when you create a new post with "New" button and then click "Save", Bytebard will automatically post to the enabled social media accounts. There is no way to prevent it from UI, so make sure you have the right accounts enabled.

In API, whenever you use create-post endpoint, the post will automatically be posted to enabled social media accounts. You can also opt-out of this by passing autopost:false field.


You can test auto-post as a biller account by navigating to Editor and clicking on "Share" button.

Before any actions, verify that you gave enough permissions to Bytebard app in your social media account. It should be able to post, be enabled and not blocked. If you are seeing that connection to Bytebard has expired, unlink it from Profile page and link it again.

If some of the social media auto-post doesn't work, try logging out and logging in again with this account.

If this doesn't work either, try unlinking and linking the social media account again on Profile page.